Alexa Executive Charlie Kindel Quits Citing 'Pace of Work' at Amazon

Alexa Executive Charlie Kindel Quits Citing 'Pace of Work' at Amazon


Charlie Kindel, an Amazon executive who played a crucial role in Amazon Alexa’s takeover of people’s homes, is calling it quits after five strong years at the Seattle, Washington-based tech giant. Citing the sheer pace of his work, Kindel states that he is “goofing off” and might come back to Amazon in the future.

In his personal blog on Monday, Kindel posted a brief goodbye letter bidding farewell to the Alexa Smart Home team that he has been a crucial member of. The decision to leave, evidently, seems to be because of the work pressure that he faced at his job. “I used to get my adrenaline rush going heli-skiing. Now I just go into work,” said Kindel in the blog. He says that coming back to Amazon for a second stint hasn’t been completely ruled out just yet.

“I’m also going to miss Amazon’s high standards. I’m skeptical I’ll find another environment where the drive for ‘raising the bar’ is so consistent and strong,” said Kindel praising the work done at Jeff Bezos‘ multi-billion dollar Internet juggernaut. Charlie Kindel has previously worked as a General Manager at Microsoft’s Windows Phone division for a total of 21 years, as per his LinkedIn profile.

Apart from that, Kindel has previously served as a member of the Board of Advisors at Buddy, a member of Board of Directors at StudentRND, and has been the Founder and CEO of a startup called FreeBusy, which uses “revolutionary AI techniques to automatically generate mileage logs for your travel using your cloud-based calendar.”

Talking about Alexa, Amazon’s latest Echo Spot with a circular display was recently launched in India at a price of Rs. 12,999, although it can be availed for an introductory price of Rs. 10,499 exclusively via


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