Amazon Alexa Multilingual Mode Is Now Available in India, Lets Users Speak in Hindi and English Seamlessly

Amazon Alexa Multilingual Mode Is Now Available in India, Lets Users Speak in Hindi and English Seamlessly


After adding support for Hindi and Hinglish to Alexa, Amazon announced support for a new multilingual mode last month. The new mode enables the virtual assistant to understand multiple languages without the user having to switch between different languages. Amazon today announced that the new multilingual mode is available on Alexa-powered devices starting today. The feature will enable users to talk to Alexa in both Hindi and English without switching languages in the settings.

Besides Hindi and English, the new multilingual mode in Alexa also supports English and Spanish in the US and French and English in Canada. When a user talks to Alexa in a specific language, it will respond in the same language. The new multilingual mode will be useful where people speak two different types of languages.

To set up the new multilingual mode on your Echo speaker, all you have to do is switch the language to English/ Hindi via the device settings on the Alexa app. Make sure you update the app to the latest version to use the feature.

Echo Show and Echo Spot users can change language settings directly on the device by accessing settings after installing the latest firmware. To ensure you’re on the latest version, simply ask Alexa to check for software updates.

To recall, Amazon announced a bunch of new Echo smart speakers, wearables, and a smart display last month. Out of these, the company launched the third-generation Echo, Echo Dot With Clock, and Echo Studio smart speakers in India.

Amazon is looking to expand its smart speaker segment in India with the introduction of new speakers and support for multilingual mode. Besides the range of its own Echo devices in the country, Amazon has also teamed up with other manufacturers who sell Alexa-enabled smart speakers in India.

Amazon’s smart speakers compete with offerings from Google in India. While Google has had support for the Hindi language for a while now, Amazon is hoping its larger ecosystem of skill developers will make Alexa-powered highly competitive in the country.


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