Chinese New Year 2020: How to Buy Mobiles, Other Gadgets From China and Get Delivered in India

Chinese New Year 2020: How to Buy Mobiles, Other Gadgets From China and Get Delivered in India


On the occasion of the Chinese New Year 2020 on January 25 i.e., tomorrow, a host of local e-commerce sites will be offering deals and discounts on a wide range of gadgets during this time. Some of these sites also ship products to India for free, while some some ask for delivery charges. Sites like AliExpress and Gearbest should be offering deals and discounts to bring in the new year, allowing users to get phones and other gadgets at a discounted rate. Gadgets are anyway generally cheaper in China, and with these discounts, some products could prove to be a very attractive purchases. Of course, one of the caveats is that you may have to wait quite a bit for your orders to get delivered from abroad.The Chinese New Year is also known as the Lunar New Year and Spring Festival. Here’s a comprehensive guide on everything that you need to know about sales during the Chinese New Year 2020 and how you can make the most out of it while sitting right here in India.

How can I shop on Chinese New Year while sitting in India?

While the Chinese New Year isn’t a big deal in India, for obvious reasons, the sales on specific Chinese sites could be of interest to some, particularly because of the deep discounts. Some phones and gadgets could come in at really cheap prices. There are a number of reliable Chinese online sites, and the list includes AliExpress, DealExtreme, Gearbest, and Banggood. Some products on AliExpress are shipped to India for free, but there’s an almost 28 days of shipping on few of them. On Gearbest, the Xiaomi Mi 9T has been listed with just up to 10 days of delivery, but an additional shipping cost of Rs. 2,102 is accounted for. Different products will have different shipping costs, so please factor those costs in before making a purchase. DealXtreme also offers free shipping to India on several products, and delivery is an estimated seven to 18 days. These sites should have a host of offers, and skimming through them, you could chance upon a good deal if lucky.

Popular China online sites like, Taobao, and do not ship to India. If you want to make purchases from these sites, you’ll have to consider a third-party agent to get it delivered to you. This will charge you extra money, not to mention the additional custom duty fee. Third-party agents like Shop and Ship are popular, and they also offer membership to users who are frequent shoppers.

What are the necessary precautions before making a purchase?

While the prices listed on phones and gadgets may be attractive, there are a few cautions users must exercise before considering a purchase from abroad. When buying phones, check for network compatibility and whether the phone comes in English language option by default. Also, check for Google Play Store support, as all Google services are blocked in China. Also, it is important to note that buying from these sites effectively means that there is no warranty on the product purchased, which means any sort of unforeseen repair will incur additional cost. The best practice would be to see if the product you’re trying to buy is available in India or not. If it is available via any online site in India, it is best to opt for a purchase through that site, than through a China one. Having said that, these Chinese sites are filled with fun gadgets to try out, and if you are someone who loves to shop, then you might want to use the new year’s deals for a good grab.

Another best practice would be to stick to popular sites in China, and check ratings and reviews before making a purchase. Also, we recommend buying products from known brands, and not just go for any unknown product just because of the cheap price tag. Refrain from making purchases via a debit card, and stick to credit cards only. This is because the chargeback process is much easier, in the event if something goes wrong. Ensure that you’re only buying from popular sites, and from sellers that have good ratings. Also, verify that you’re using a secure payment gateway while making the purchase.

One should also factor in the additional custom duties cost. While ultra-cheap items will pass through customs without any duty, a fee will be levied on expensive items like phones. The courier company may take the duty fee that was charged to them when they deliver the package to you. In some cases, you may also have to upload KYC documents on the courier company’s site before the order is delivered. In other cases, the product is withheld by the customs office, and users will be intimated they need to clear the charges before they can pick up the item.

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