Home Tech News Eufy Omni S1 Pro robot vacuum cleaner announced with self-cleaning mop

Eufy Omni S1 Pro robot vacuum cleaner announced with self-cleaning mop

Eufy Omni S1 Pro robot vacuum cleaner announced with self-cleaning mop


Eufy has announced a new flagship robot vacuum cleaner, the Omni S1 Pro, which comes with an advanced mopping function.

Sporting a compact square design so that it can get within 1cm of walls and corners, and a low 96mm profile, the Omni S1 Pro should be able to get into more nooks and crannies than even the best robot vacuum cleaner.

Advanced 3D MatrixEye obstacle avoidance technology will see it nimbly manoeuvring around obstacles, too. Eufy claims that it uses the same obstacle avoidance AI algorithm that the self driving industry employs, along with an RGB camera that receives 750 times more visual information than the industry average.

Meanwhile, dToF Lidar lets the Omni S1 Pro spot large obstacles from 12 metres away, improving object avoidance and home mapping.

Eufy Omni S1 Pro with base station

It’ll be able to suck up dirt from your carpets and mop your floors, too.

The Omni S1 Pro’s TurboWash Roller Mop is notable for cleaning the mop at the same time as it’s cleaning your floors. Eufy achieves this through a water circulation system that employs air pressure to smartly extract dirty water to the onboard sewage tank.

According to Eufy, the mop head itself “mimics the scrubbing of human hands”, applying a just-so 10N of pressure with an upwards-rotating motion moving at 170rpm. At 290mm, Eufy claims it’s the longest mop in its class.

Another advanced feature of the Omni S1 Pro’s mopping function is its built-in ozone generator, which creates sterile water from plain old tap water.

The Eufy Omni S1 Pro comes with its own base station for that ideal ‘set and forget’ ease of use. Once the vacuum cleaner has returned to base, it’ll be cleaned, air-dried, refilled and emptied without you so much as lifting a finger. It can go up to 68 days before it needs a bag change, too.

The Eufy Omni S1 Pro is available globally from today through to April 30 on Kickstarter with an introductory 40 percent discount. It’ll then be sold on Eufy’s website from May at an RRP of $1,499, which works out to around £1,200.


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