Google Home, Home Mini Get Stereo Speaker Pairing, Letting You Use 2 Speakers in a Single Setup

Google Home, Home Mini Get Stereo Speaker Pairing, Letting You Use 2 Speakers in a Single Setup


Google Home is among the most popular smart speakers available today, but it has lacked a feature that many users see as basic and important – till now. Google is now rolling out a feature that enables stereo pairing for the Google Home and Home Mini smart speakers, letting users connect two speakers together in a stereo arrangement. This will ensure that two-channel audio is properly divided between the two speakers, and will allow users to turn two Google Home speakers into a true multi-channel audio setup.

The feature has been available for a few other Google Assistant-enabled smart speakers already, but is now finally rolling out for the Google Home and Home Mini, the two most popular Google Assistant-enabled smart speakers. Pairing two speakers can be done through the Google Home app, where you can select which of the two speakers you want to use as the right and left channels.

Once done, the two speakers are identified as a single speaker in the app, and work entirely together, according to a report by Android Police. This includes volume, pairing, and other settings.

You can use the settings in the Google Home app to adjust bass, treble and balance between the two speakers, if you choose. You do of course have the option to further pair the duo of speakers with other setups, or separate the pair and turn it into two separate mono speakers.

When used as a stereo pair, only the left channel accepts voice commands, while the right has voice controls disabled. Typically, having two Google Home speakers meant you could have a multi-room audio setup, but this new feature adds an additional way to use two speakers.

The Google Home and Home Mini are available in India, usually priced at Rs. 2,799 and Rs. 6,999 respectively. Both work as smart speakers with Google Assistant and need to be connected to the Internet for full functionality, but you can also connect to the speakers using Bluetooth and use them to play your own music wirelessly.

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