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How to watch the Succession finale in the UK as it airs


How to watch Succession finale in the UK: The last ever episode of Succession airs on Sunday night as Season 4 comes to a close. Here’s how to watch.

It’s finally here. The Roy family drama will finally draw to a close this weekend as Season 4 of the hit HBO drama reaches what promises to be a thrilling climax.

Viewers have been enthralled throughout this final season as the jostling for control of the family empire, by succeeding the legendary patriarch Logan Roy, has reached all new levels of shiftiness.

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Throughout the final season of the show we’ve seen the Roy offspring Kendall, Shiv, Roman (and even Conor) attempt to manoeuvre themselves into pole position, all while calling flimsy truces to confront a family tragedy.

Heading into the final episode, it feels like there’s still everything to play for as the very future of the Waystar Royco ‘legacy media’ empire remains in the balance amid a takeover bid from a greasy big tech mogul.

Last week’s episode may have been the highlight of the entire season, although the election night episode might have something to say about that too, when this is all said and done.

Can this weekend’s finale live up to, or even exceed the hype? Who do you think will emerge from the Roy family wreckage wearing the crown?

How to watch the Succession finale

Sky Atlantic is the place to be on Sunday night / Monday morning if you want to guarantee avoiding spoilers by watching the show as it airs in the USA.

Sky Atlantic (Channel 108 on Sky) is simulcasting the Season 4 Episode 10 at 02:00 on Sunday night / Monday morning.

If you are prepared to run the risk of having the ending spoiled for you by some lout at work or online, you can watch at 9pm on Monday night on the same channel.

To watch you’ll need access to Sky Atlantic through your TV provider, but you can also sign up to a Sky Entertainment package through the broadcaster’s online NOW streaming platform. The Entertainment bundle costs just $9.99 a month and you can even use it to catch up on previous seasons through the box sets option.

Succession finale trailer

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