Sunday, May 28, 2023

Koodo reportedly offering $55/75GB plan to some existing customers


Telus flanker brand Koodo may not get 5G anytime soon (RIP), but at least it’s got some decent deals. The provider is apparently offering some existing customers a $55/mo 75GB plan.

According to a recent post on RedFlagDeals, some lucky Koodo customers found a $55/75GB offer in their Koodo account Friday morning. Along with the massive LTE data bucket, the plan includes unlimited Canada-wide minutes and messaging, along with one free perk option.

Koodo’s $55/mo 75GB plan | Image credit: RedFlagDeals user ‘DaveGoodmen’

Unfortunately, your mileage may vary with this one. However, if you are a Koodo customer, you’ll want to head to the provider’s self-serve portal and check if you have any offers. Even if the $55/75GB option isn’t there, some other reports indicate there’s a $50/40GB option floating around.

Either way, the options are better than what Koodo currently has listed on its website, which includes $39/20GB, $50/30GB and $62/50GB.

Source: RedFlagDeals

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