Home Tech News Max sign-in issues? Streaming service stutters on day one

Max sign-in issues? Streaming service stutters on day one

Max sign-in issues? Streaming service stutters on day one


The Max streaming era has begun as the HBO Max replacement went live today, with all of that integrated Discovery content too.

However, it wasn’t smooth sailing for those making the transition with many users reporting they were unable to sign with their existing HBO Max credentials, which should have just crossed over seamlessly.

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New subscribers also took to social media, reporting they could not sign up for the service which replaces the 3-year-old HBO Max app that stopped working today.

Users on the web, as well as on various smart TV versions of the new app were hit by the problems on Tuesday morning as they tried to log in to watch hit shows like Succession. Warner Bros. Discovery – the new overarching company behind the project – says the issues were only minor and were dealt with quickly.

Indeed, I logged in to the new service this afternoon and had no such difficulties with the Apple TV 4K app. It was so seamless I didn’t even have to enter my login credentials as it recognised me from the HBO Max login.

“You must always anticipate issues on a tech rollout of this scale,” a Warner Bros. Discovery spokesperson told Variety. “We can share that only minor ones have emerged and were quickly remedied.”

Max is the alignment of HBO Max and Discovery+. They’re becoming one service with the content libraries merging under one roof. So, you’ll get House of the Dragon and Succession from HBO Max and the Discovery+ library like Ghost Brothers: Lights Out, Crikey! It’s The Irwins and the January 6th documentary Unprecetented.

I also checked out the first episode of the Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai animated series today and it looked pretty promising. And cute.


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