Home Tech News Public Mobile adds $39/20GB 4G promo plan

Public Mobile adds $39/20GB 4G promo plan

Public Mobile adds $39/20GB 4G promo plan


Earlier this week, Telus’ Public Mobile got 5G access. But while all the hype is focused on the new 5G plans, Public still offers 4G options and now has a promotional $39/mo 20GB plan matching similar offers from Freedom, Fido, Koodo and Virgin Plus.

Public’s $39/20GB plan is marked as a promotional offer, though it’s not clear how long the plan will stick around for. It includes 20GB of data at 4G speeds (up to 100Mbps), unlimited Canada-wide minutes and messaging, and $1.95/mo in points value with Public Points.

The $39/20GB deal has been ongoing at several providers over the last couple weeks. Freedom and Fido kicked it off on May 8th. Koodo and Virgin Plus followed suit, though they’ve removed and re-added the promotion since then.

You can view the plan here.


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